Driving School In Warrington

Safe Driving Tips

Getting behind the wheels of your vehicle and manoeuvring it to take you wherever you want, can be a wonderful experience. But, if you do not follow safe driving habits, it may lead to accidents that can also be fatal. We, Proceed Som, are a driving school in Warrington, to help train you in safe driving practices. Our driving instructor Warrington will give you driving tips for a safe and secure driving experience.

Don’t Drink and Drive

Drinking and driving is one of the most common causes of road accidents. Drunkenness reduces reaction time and coordination; it may lead to blurred vision and loss of consciousness. This is a punishable offence, not only in Warrington, but everywhere else in the world.

Don’t Over-speed

Over-speeding has remained the cause for innumerable road accidents. This is also a punishable offence which you should avoid.

Avoid Distractions

Distractions, like talking over cell phones or handling gadgets while driving can cause major distractions which can reduce reaction time by almost twenty per cent, leading to major accidents.

Avoid Driving in a Fatigued State

If you are fatigued, any driving instructor Warrington will advise you not to drive. A state of drowsiness reduces your response time. Even before knowing it, you may fall into a deep sleep with the wheel in your hands. Only a lucky charm can save you from an accident; but usually, lucky charms come with only safe driving practices.

Wear Your Seat Belt

Your seat belt is your safety gear. Wear it properly to save yourself from a sudden jerk or pressure. In case of accidents, the seat belt prevents you from being thrown around inside the damaged car or thrown out through the broken windshield or window.

Be Careful About Bad Weather

Driving in bad weather conditions can be a dangerous thing. If you are driving through fog, heavy rain, snow storm or on icy roads, you need to be extremely cautious and careful. If required, drive below the speed limit, keep extra distance from the car ahead and follow all the safety rules that you have been taught by your driving instructor Warrington.

Vehicle Maintenance

A well-maintained vehicle will always see you to your destination, safe and sound. Avoid unpleasant technical snags midway through your drive by keeping your vehicle in perfect health.
At Proceed Som, the driving instructor Warrington will help you to get complete control over your driving skills. Contact us today for getting the best driving instruction in Warrington and make the roads your driving playground.